Following are the members of the Internal Complaint Committee:

Internal Complaint Committee will examine all matters relating to students in the institute and will make suggestions and proposals regarding such matters. The committee will admit complaints from female students on harassment, discrimination and assault and other forms of misbehavior in the institute by other male students. The Committee will report to the Director. Procedure is well documented, available and in accessible formats. All conflicts of interest are managed appropriately. There will be assurance that no victimization will result from making a complaint. Members who manage complaints are well trained. The Committee will make recommendations on actions to be taken on specific complaints. Ensuring the process has clear timelines.

Dr.Subodhini Gupta Coordinator 9429053700
Prof.Hitesh Kodwani Asso.Professor 9098244877
Prof. Vipin Titariya Asst. Professor 9893576056
Prof. Ankur Taneja Asst. Professor 7987455312
Prof. Naveen Jain Asst. Professor 7869557789


We propose to adopt Bhauri village in Bhopal under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan. We want to promote organic farming and economical bio fertilizers usage in farming practices, out of other working areas like water management, alternate energy sources, rural artisans & industries & basic amenities to rural areas. It is important for environment to use Organic fertilizers as these are safe and does not produce harmful chemical compounds and beneficial for the environment whereas farming based on chemical fertilizers require huge amount of water and water resources are quite mere in those areas. We also want to educate the farmers the various benefits of organic farming. Next-Generation Sequencing Facility will be used to assess the micro flora of the soil. For this initiative, a formal collaboration will be made with the MP Council of Science and Technology, which is located in the vicinity of IISER Bhopal, which has developed expertise in producing different types of bio-fertilizers. To further strengthen this initiative, we will also benefit from expertise of researchers from the Indian Institute of Soil Sciences


SWAYAM is a programme initiated by Ministry of Human resource Development, Govt. of India. Our objective is to provide the best teaching material to the students through video lectures, handouts, test & quizzes & discussion forum. When we will be having students in our institute, we will follow SWAYAM and also we will motivate students to get registered with it, as they will get qualitative material from this facility. For this purpose we are registered with SWAYAM and we do have E-library in which we are having 10 computers, having 16 MBPS internet leased lines, through which students can access online lectures. Lectures from class 9 to post graduation are available online which can be accessed by the students anytime anywhere. Course contents are highly interactive and prepared by the best teachers in the country. These courses are available free of cost to the students in India. More than 1,000 expert faculties and teachers from across the country have prepared these courses. The step is towards enriching the learning experience of the students through audio video and multimedia. However those students, who want certification, will get it on successful completion of the course, with a little fee. At the end of each course, there will be an assessment of the student through an examination and they will be certified on the basis of this assessment. Students may get registered themselves by filling up the form for sign up and may access the reading material from the website.

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